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Environmental Management

Environmental Clearance Certificates (ECC) Impact Assessments (EIA)

The purpose of these processes is to protect the environment through prevention by using the study as a proactive planning tool to avoid and pre-empt adverse environmental impacts that might be caused or experienced by the proposed development. Therefore it is all important that the Study is site specific.

FGA carries out ECCs and EIAs as multi-disciplinary studies where all mining, social and socio-economic related issues are addressed. The combined study is in a format prescribed by the Country’s Governmental Department/s involved and in terms of ISO 14001.

A study would typically include:

Rehabilitation Planning

Mine Rehabilitation is increasingly becoming a widely practiced aspect of the mining cycle at most mining operations.

FGA’s key elements of a Rehabilitation Plan include:

Rehabilitation Quantum Liabilities

FGA uses the regulations as set out by the country’s government to determine the financial provision for a mining/project venture, based on the provisions of the EMP and the closure objectives.

Thus, the reporting and determination of the mine closure quantum is a direct response to the above mentioned calculations and should enable the mine to propose the closure cost, both scheduled and unscheduled, against high level closure objectives for the period applicable.

How do you minimize your liabilities? The professional staff within FGA have the specific experience you need to satisfy the regulations and apply cost effective, technically sound solutions to your environmental challenges.

Rehabilitation and Closure Management

Mine rehabilitation aims to minimize and mitigate the environmental effects of mining, which, in the case of open pit mining, involve movement of significant volumes of rock. Rehabilitation management is an ongoing process, often resulting in open pit mines being backfilled.

FGA could plan and manage the following during the mining cycle and after mining finishes:

Integrated Water and waste management (IWWMP)

An IWWMP gives effects to the objectives of the National and relevant catchment level Water Resource Management objectives, as well as those specific management objectives of the mine through the implementation of measures to:

FGA assist the applicant/s to draft this document for a Water Use License, as well as for current operators and to update current plans as the document itself should be treated as a dynamic / working document that remains legislatively compliant and applicable to the stage at which mining is undertaken on site.

FGA further assists senior mine management, in their commitment and support for the plan, to successfully implement the IWWMP.

The IWWMP also prescribes self and external regulation to review compliance by the mine in implementing the specific actions of the IWWMP. Reporting of audit findings to the Department of Water Affairs on an annual basis is also a provision of the IWWMP.