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FGA Mining Consultants is a service orientated entity that has the capability to take your project from grassroot exploration through the feasibility study stage into production. The focus of FGA is, by means of outstanding performance, to assist the clients in their quest to develop projects that create wealth and job opportunities for all.

Geology - Rendering geological services to the client,based on the international accepted standards as prescribed by the various Stock Exchanges in a most cost effective way.

Legislative issues - FGA assists its clients with legislative issues within the South African context to obtain the rights to prospect or mine for available commodities and assist in the maintaining thereof.

Mine Technical services - Assist the client in his mining venture by strengthening the technical side of it by means of support in the various disciplines e.g., mine planning, mine layouts, scheduling, grade control, etc.

Project Management - Assisting the client to properly plan, organize and manage projects from greenfield to full production.

Multi-discipline Studies - Support the client with sound decision making by means of Desktop- to Bank Feasibility Studies [BFS] by evaluating different scenarios to maximize profits and minimize costs in a most effective manner.

Auditing - To ensure that work performed is done according to the necessary International standards as required by the various Stock Exchanges, in-house and external audits are performed to monitor the work done and the results obtained.

Hydro-Geology - Assist the client with environmental and waste / storm / groundwater management throughout the project to prevent wastage, contamination and ensuring optimal usage of this national resource.